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Quality Lasers vs. Cheap Lasers

At Wicked Lasers, we take pride in the quality of our workmanship. It is an essential part of our commitment to our valued customers. We guarantee that only the best components go into every Wicked Lasers product ensuring quality, performance and customer safety.

Unlike cheaper brands, we only use the highest quality laser diodes available in all our laser models. As shown in the diagram on the right, cheap laser diodes are not only inferior in workmanship but also dangerous due to the lack of an infrared (IR) filter.

The absence of an IR filter means that the laser is outputting less visible light than specified because laser power meters cannot distinguish between green light and infrared light. The power level of a cheap laser will normally be made up of mostly infrared light. This makes cheap lasers dangerous due to the fact that infrared light is invisible to the human eye and accidental exposures can occur without notice, causing irreparable eye damage.

Aside from this, cheaper diodes will generally result in weak laser beams and only last for about 50 hours before they burn out as opposed to the quality diodes in Wicked Lasers lasers that produce bright powerful beams that will last for at least 5,000 hours.

For your safety and satisfaction, never settle for a cheap laser.


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