LaserCube - World's Smallest Laser Show Projector
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LaserCube is the world's smallest and first battery-powered laser projector. The 3 pound, 4-inch cube combines powerful RGB lasers with high-speed mirrors to display animations.

The super simple software offers powerful tools for creatives, musicians, gamers, makers, coders, and DJs. Its beam can be focused to engrave images or ignite things. It’s truly the laser vector display designed for the masses.

Starting from            $499
Choose accessories
Select Tripod + Ball

Highly recommended tripod + ball for flat surfaces.

Select EVA Case

Protect your LaserCube with this lightweight EVA case.

Select Flight Case

Protect up to 2 LaserCubes with a single flight case.

Useful for engraving, photography, and diffraction effects.

Select Gamepad

Play laser games wirelessly using bluetooth.

Select USB Hub

Connect multiple LaserCubes to a single phone/computer.

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Outside US
LaserCube Basic:
2 hours


“The most advanced laser system I've ever seen.”


“I am absolutely in love
with this!”


3 hour battery
weighs 3 pounds
1w pure diode
33k analog color

for musicians

Play the LaserHarp,
connect your midi instrument and more.

for vjs

Fully compatible with MIDI controllers,
sync with BPM and more.

for gamers

Dozens of retro arcade games,
relive the days of Vectrex.

for makers

Etch any design with its powerful beam,
and engraving lens.

for artists

Create laser art masterpieces,
with a stylus.

for guitarists

Connect any electric guitar,
with the MiGiC plugin.

for professionals

Laser map on any type of surface.

for engravers

With a full watt of power, add your
design to any surface.

for djs

Use LaserHarp as a midi controller.

for creatives

Elevate your photoshoot with lasers.

Maxwell Synth

Compatible with Maxwell Synth.


Compatible with Modulaser.


Compatible with LaserShowXpress.


1,000 colors
15lb weight
No battery
No software

33,000 colors
3lb weight
3 hours battery
Software included


view user manual
Model: Basic Pro
Power: 800mW 1000mW
Battery: 10,000 mAh 14,000 mAh
Blue: 500mW 700mW
Green: 100mW
Red: 150mW
Modulation: Analog 33kHz
Scan speed: >30,000pps @ 8 deg
Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Voltage: 100 - 240V
Warranty: 1 year
Software: LaserOS Included
Safety: Features key, interlock, beam block, indicator LED. Complies with latest safety standard IEC 60825-1

Q: Do I need fog?

A: Only if you need to see the beam in mid air, IE beam shows. Ambient smoke or fog will also work.

Q: Is there a duty cycle?

A: It’s possible to run your LaserCube indefinitely in ambient temperatures under 20C.

Q: How do I ship or fly with my laser?

A: We recommend the EVA case for everyday carry and the Flight Case for multiple units and/or luggage and shipping.

Q: Where do I download the LaserCube software?


Q: How do I connect LaserCube to my PC, Mac, or Android device?

A: Use the included cables to connect the LaserCube to a USB-A, USB-C, or Micro-USB port.

Q: Does it work with iPhone/iPad?

A: No, it does not work with iOS.

Q: What’s the difference between TTL and analog laser color?

A: Only 7 colors are possible for TTL compared to 1000s of colors for analog lasers. LaserCube is full analog color.

Q: What are some safety tips?

A: Do not shoot lasers at people.The very bottom of the laser projection should at least 3 meters above the floor, so there is clearance between someone's head and the lasers. Laterally, there should be 2.5 meter distance.

As with all lasers, never allow any laser beam to enter the sky. Laser beams striking aircraft can blind pilots and is considered a felony offense in most countries.

We highly do not recommend scanning the crowd unless there is explicit permission granted from your government. Check your local laws first before using a laser in public areas / outdoors.

Q. What laser power is needed for larger venues?

A. 1W is good for small clubs and discos. 2-5W suit large nightclubs, and mid-sized events. 5W and up are used at large events, music festivals, concerts.

Q. At what distance is it safe to run through the laser projection?

A. There is no general value available to determine the safe distance (MPE). There are many relevant factors relevant: Scan speed, scan angle, scanned pattern, beam divergence, beam diameter, output power etc.

The IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety Regulation applies internationally. Do not allow emission in a public area to exceed laser class 3R.

Q: Is the LaserCube legal in the USA?

A: The LaserCube includes all required safety features per international regulations. In the US, every laser operator is required to obtain a user variance from the FDA. We are currently working with distributors who may be able to offer the LaserCube to the US market. Click here to stay informed.

Q: Is there anyway to reduce the power of the LaserCube?

A: The optional 20% Low Power lens accessory will reduce output power by 80%. You can also limit laser power by adjusting the laser power in the LaserOS app and setup safety zones.

LaserOS Quick Start guide

Works with openFrameworks

Works with Lua

Works with Lua

Built with openlase

LaserOS on Reddit

LaserOS on Reddit

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