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About Us

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So who's running this site anyway? Who are the people behind these affordably-priced, utterly high powered laser pointers? We're the Wicked Lasers Team or Team Wicked for short.

We're a bunch of laser enthusiasts, maybe even laser maniacs, who - like you - have been searching all over looking for the highest powered, highest quality, affordable laser pointers. Those cheap laser key chains found at local electronics stores are a ridiculous joke at most. We found ourselves frustrated, very frustrated. The selection of laser pointers found on internet sites we visited were very run of the mill and cheaply made. Where is all the unique stuff? Where are all the true lasers that can burn, cut, and project a laser beam hundreds of miles away?
We finally realized that if we wanted lasers up to par with our standards, we simply needed to create it ourselves. And so Wicked Lasers was born.

We carefully manufacture the most brilliant lasers in a variety of colors ranging from green, red, blue, and violet. Of course, we couldn't stop there, not only do we have the most comprehensive list of laser products; we also have the most laser accessories. Every laser is tested and then tested some more to make sure our lasers are perfect in every possible way. We also made sure that the price you pay here is the absolutely the most competitive. (If you find a laser manufactured by Wicked Lasers online for a lower price, just tell us. We'll match it!) We sell only the best possible laser pointers, at the best possible price.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy shopping here as much as we enjoy working here!


Wicked Lasers

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