Why is IR Bad?

Why is IR Bad?

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Why is IR bad?

Infrared, or IR for short, is extremely dangerous because it is invisible to the human eye. Despite not being visible, IR rays can still pass through the anterior structures of the eye and reach the retina. Since you are unable to detect IR, there will not be any blink or aversion reflex to protect your eyes from damage. This damage can be done even by modest power lasers without any immediate symptoms. Only later, will the damage become evident as your brain will initially fill in for the damaged receptors. As the cells in your eyes do not regenerate, you must be careful not to damage your eyes.

As most DPSS green lasers are manufactured from 808nm IR diodes, an IR filter is required to block out excessive IR passing through the MCA crystals. However, to lower costs and cut prices, numerous manufacturers do not equip their lasers with IR filters. Although you are unaware of its presence, your eyes may be subject to excessive IR when you are working with these poorly made lasers.

Because your safety is our #1 concern, Wicked Lasers products are 100% NO IR Certified and come equipped with a high grade IR filter.