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Wicked Lasers
Crossguard Concept

In tribute to what we feel is the best film series ever, we have decided to unveil the Wicked Lasers Crossguard.

Wicked Lasers | Crossguard Wicked Lasers | Crossguard Wicked Lasers | Crossguard Wicked Lasers | Crossguard Wicked Lasers | Crossguard

This is how we envision a realistic Crossguard being made. The laser light travels straight through a hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum shell and reflects sideways as it hits a pair of 45 degree side-mounted front surface mirrors.

In tribute to our customers and fans, the 3D file for this Crossguard design is available to the public for download and printing on their 3D printer, should you feel the calling.

May the Force be with you.

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