Not A Lightsaber

Not A Lightsaber

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The cool blue laser beam of the S3 Spyder III Arctic has been making headlines for being the first to pack 1 Watt of power into a hand-held laser.

Thanks to George Lucas, there's another reason that this cutting edge laser is getting noticed. The Star Wars creator thought the S3 Spyder looked like the Star Wars Lightsaber! Like a wave of Tie fighters he launched his Empire's Imperial fleet of lawyers against Wicked Lasers with a "cease and desist" order.

To be clear, we didn't set out to design a movie knock-off. We just wanted to design the world's most powerful laser you could get your hands on.

A Real Laser Vs. A Movie LaserSaber

But in a fight, the Guinness Book of Records most powerful laser wins over a movie prop, and Lucasfilms backed off. We do now have to put a disclaimer on the S3 Spyder III Arctic saying, "This is not a Lightsaber".

The media frenzy is now over and peace has been restored to the galaxy. That is...until Iron Man needs an upgrade.

See what all the hype is about. Get your hands on the S3 Spyder Arctic. More RANGE, more POWER, and more REAL than a Lightsaber.

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