Class IIIb Lasers

Class IIIb Lasers

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Class IIIb Lasers
The world best performing, highest quality, smallest platform laser package Class IIIb OEM laser modules can only be found at Wicked Lasers. Wicked Lasers has been making the world glow since 2004 and since then we have hit the ground running with exceptional laser sales and service of one of the worlds leading laser products, second to none for its size and class.


Wicked Lasers makes perfect device for laser hobbyists, enthusiasts, frequent users, Optical Professionals, IT Professionals - PC Shop that require fiber optical maintenance tools, will appreciate the additional power to find fiber interruptions and line breaks in fiber optic technologies with lasers. Military professionals prefer a Wicked Lasers of the typical laser dazzlers for its sheer power and performance in a size that emulate an executive size ball point pen case. Coming in at just 013mm x 143mm, Wicked Lasers are the mighty mite in portable Class IIIb laser products.

For over a year, we have earned the confidence of our valued laser customers by providing professional assistance on all of our OEM laser systems. If you are looking for the true Class IIIb laser performance in the smallest package available then look no further. Wicked Lasers offers the same professional high quality laser products and service to our Internet customers. Guaranteed!

Our laser company offers only the finest lasers available at deeply discounted pricing. We pride ourselves in meeting your high standards for quality products, accurate descriptions, fast reliable shipping and exceptional customer service. We utilize secured socked layering to protect you laser purchases. Browse through our laser site and order with confidence knowing that your information will be safe and secure.
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